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TJ Gibbs is the founder of The Love Coach and subsequently, Get Ready For Love.  This pioneering love coaching course came not just from her skills as a trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Practitioner, but from her years of experience with both clients and personal heartache.

Just like every woman, TJ had her share of personal pain in relationships. She believed at the age of 30 her “happy ever after” had been granted when she married the man she adored. She had it all, a loving husband, a beautiful home, a healthy bank balance, great friends and a job that took her around the world. However, the real truth was that, just like many who appear to have it all, there were cracks in the foundations that had never been dealt with. Her husband’s subsequent infidelity alongside her falling ill sent her life into a downward spiral of destruction. 

This destructive journey culminated in the ‘Dark Night Of Her Soul’ as she writes so poignantly in her book Get Ready For Love. Her resulting time being institutionalised, being assessed for mental health issues and being diagnosed as just being “extremely sad” were the culmination of years of avoidance of painful issues that ultimately seeped through the cracks.

This rock bottom time was the springboard for TJ as a woman, to become present with her purpose and the reasons for her struggles. As as a result of her healing journey, the Get Ready For Love Programme was created. TJ initially developed the programme to help her identify why she choose the men she did and why she had the outcomes she had in love. Alongside help from what she calls a “Cognitive Hypnotherapy Angel”, her subsequent healing journey commenced. TJ felt so strongly about the benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy that on returning from living in the Caribbean, where she had moved to rebuild her health and discover her passion and joy for life, she trained and qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

TJ’s journey to rock bottom had reconnected her spiritual side and her search for her true life’s purpose began. No longer happy to just have a career that only served her financially, it wasn’t long before that need to stand out not fit in re-appeared and TJ knew that her I.T. days were numbered. She created a passion & possibilities test, and discovered that she wanted to become a “Love Coach”. 

It soon became evident that if she combined her personal passion, of helping people recover from pain related to love and relationships, with her trained skills as a therapist and coach that she could find passion and purpose in her life. Hence The Love Coach was founded by TJ in 2013.

Dancing is another passion of TJ’s and although, in her words, she stands as not being the typical height and shape of a dancer this has never held her back from both participating and teaching dance. In fact, it was this arena where she first started coaching fellow dancers on relationships via the components of the Get Ready For Love Programme.

Word soon spread and the demand for TJ’s assistance increased outside of her own circles.  TJ was adamant that she wanted as many people as possible to benefit from the love changing programme that had come from her own journey of healing heartache. As demand grew TJ developed a network of trusted advisors to help her spread her programme and healing messages and was encouraged to extend her work to a mass audience by writing her book “Get Ready For Love” which is now available worldwide.  

The Get Ready For Love programme has gone on to be developed as an online course and is available via workshops, seminars, weekends and retreats. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the route to her key work as a Love Therapist. Her hallmark Soul Readings, (which she admits can often make people cry as for the first time they face their real truth about why their happiness is not as they would like) have been fundamental to her helping clients shake up their foundations, eliminate the cracks, heal the past and move forward ensuring they fall back in love with themselves before they attempt to seek love from others.

TJ continues to explore her personal journey viaThe Love Coach and takes on regular writing, radio and tv work with a view to delivering her healing message across all mediums. Her inspirational speaking and blog allow her to speak from the heart and encourage both women and men to “Soul Search” for who they really need in a mate.

Her latest journey into helping men heal from emotional pain is an exciting one that she relishes.  She is also passionate about her plans for The Love Coach treats and the expansion of The Love Coach team of professional Love Coaches and Love Therapists.

TJ confirms how privileged she feels to be where she is with life”

“I am profoundly lucky to be able to live in purpose and I am grateful for each and every struggle and learning event that has led me to be able to help others let go of the past and find the future happiness that they deserve.” – TJ Gibbs

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