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Hi, I’m TJ Gibbs – Love Coach, Therapist, Founder of The Love Coach and author of the pioneering love coaching programme, Get Ready For Love.

If you’re asking yourself “Am I Ready For Love“, or trying to work through any issues relating to pain and heartache, then I recommend starting with The Love Coach Wheels of Life & Love analysis.  This free happiness rating inventory will help you assess where you are in life and love right now, and provide you with a rating score accompanied by feedback to help you work out your next move.

For a more detailed analysis, book a Soul Reading with one of our Love Therapists, to find out how we can help you move forward in your life. During this in-depth discussion, you may be recommended one of our signature life or love help services, such as Love Coaching, Love Therapy or Life Coaching.

Are you looking for a more traditional form of self-help? Then try Get Ready For Love, this revolutionary programme acts as your personal love coach, and is available in a book, online course, 1-to-1 formats and a range of Events, Seminars and Retreats.

If you need help  right now, then our Quick Consult service can help you out in any urgent situation, with 1-to-1 telephone or email support.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope we can help you move on from the past, towards the love & life you desire!

TJ Gibbs

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