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TJ smlTJ Gibbs is both managing director and founder of The Love Coach.  Since it’s inception in 2013, TJ has created it’s full breadth of products and services which include Love Coaching and Love Therapy – utilising her experience as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Life Coach.  TJ has trained in a wealth of areas surrounding therapy, counselling and coaching – though by far, her most useful knowledge has been gained from field experience and in-person discussion.

The crux of TJ’s ability to help and support those around her stems from her interpersonal skills. The Soul Readings she performs are known to emotionally jar clients with her insight.  It’s this ability to connect to people, which makes her a spirited and gifted public speaker.

Live Events

In the years that TJ has run her own events, she has commanded and captivated an audience to fantastic reviews.  The content of her performance ranges from the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme (created by TJ) through to speeches on love and relationships. 


TJ’s various Radio appearances (including local and national radio) have seen her commentating as a Love Expert and providing advice and guidance as a resident Love Coach. 

Video & Television

To date, TJ’s TV/video appearances have included promotional materials for The Love Coach itself, and sister brand Get Ready For Love, along with corporate and educational/training videos.  Over the course of 2016, TJ received interest from 2 prime-time shows (for Channel 4 and ITV) as well as a request for a documentary appearance.  Sadly, conflicts with client needs or existing company commitments prevented TJ from proceeding in those cases.  Whilst we cannot discuss talks of current negotiations for appearances, we’re certain you’ll see a lot more of TJ in future, as her TV/video appearances become more and more frequent in the coming year. 


TJ’s area of expertise range from dating, through the full cycle of love and relationships and in the moving on from relationships.  Though without a doubt, the pinnacle of her talents lie in getting over heartache and pain, caused by bad relationships, and maximising the chances of finding a healthy relationship.  Much of this work is originated in the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, and TJ’s motivational speeches can be delivered from one of the following selections (though TJ is happy to speak on a specific matter of love and relationships if requested)

Are You Ready For Love?
Jumping in before being ready can lead to a turbulent and confusing time, in both dating and a relationship.  The Are You Ready For Love module of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme walks an audience through the process of self-evaluations – including active exercises to measure current happiness levels, and provides an insight into the love cycle and different love styles. 

Soul Mate Profiling
In this valuable module, TJ uses both her own study and experience, along with materials published by some of the world’s leading psychologists and authors in the matters of love, to help an audience understand how they and others “do” love.  This practical and engaging content demolishes the facade that everyone has the same love to give, wants to receive love in the same way and evaluates love the same – instead providing tools to discover an individuals unique combination of love style, love filters, and love programming along with the understanding that these will often differ from those of a partner.  These revelations can lead to healthier love choices and finding someone who can truly be called a “Soul Mate”

Get Ready To Date Masterclass
This straight talking dating masterclass will take participants on a journey through the complex UK dating culture and explore the components of making healthy choices in dating not just in relationships.  The audience will be given advice, tips and guidance to maximise dating options, including online dating, and will explore and discover how to increase the chances of meeting their Soul Mate. 

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