Refunds & Returns

The therapies, coaching and services provided by TJ Gibbs and The Love Coach are exempt from the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014), and as such, no legal requirement for refunds are present.  That said, we do like to help clients as much as possible, and so the following guidelines apply to our bookings:

Soul Readings:

Cancellations must be requested with a minimum of 24 hours noticed to be considered.  No cancellation is guaranteed, and may result in payment forfeited. 

Love Coaching, Love Therapy, and Life Coaching:

Sessions for the above therapies may not be cancelled, but may be postponed with 24 hours notice.  If less than 24 hours notice are given, or the client does not arrive for the session, all payments are forfeited. 

Quick Consult Services:

The nature of these services means that from the moment the therapist receives the confirmation email and assessment, the service is being fulfilled.  As such, no refunds or returns are available.

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