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Janey Lee Grace – Author, Presenter & Personality, featured TJ’s book in an article of February 2015 

Most of us are so conditioned from an early age to be self-critical, and have low self-esteem because we feel we don’t look ‘attractive’ enough or we’re not in some way ‘good’ enough.

TJ Gibbs is a Love Coach and author of ‘Get Ready for Love’ she says it’s important to fall in love with yourself fi rst and foremost as a foundation for loving someone else. If someone suffers from a deficit of self-love then they can often look to their partner to make up that short fall. We deny ourselves time or finances to invest in personal growth, happiness and peace, feeling that its “selfish” and that others may judge us. I advise taking the time to invest in self care, read a book, go out line dancing , attend a regular interest or hobby. Your partner will benefi t from a happier, more loving and attractive partner (sexy is as sexy thinks!) who will not settle for being unappreciated and therefore attracts the love and affection they expect. Know that how we treat ourselves unconsciously gives others permission to treat us accordingly. TJ – The Love Coach…Author of “Get Ready For Love”

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Janey featured TJ and her book, Get Ready For Love, on her website and distributed article – see it here in Living.  To learn more about the author:

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