5 Signs That They May Not Be Single

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If you have recently started talking to or dating someone who says they are single, but you have niggling doubts that there may be someone else, you may have already have read Part 1 of this blog  5 Single or Not “Tel” Tale signs.

bed been slept inHere in Part 2, we explore 5 other potential red flags that can help you understand if your gut feeling makes sense.

1.You have never been invited to their home: This is an obvious one but something that nowadays in people’s busy lives can go under the radar.  It may suit you to always meet at your place but have you actually been invited to theirs?  It might be as simple as you have never asked as it has become comfortable to meet at yours.  If you are having doubts simply request an invite and take them up on their offer to put your fears to rest. If however, there are excuses or dates at theirs get cancelled then yes this could well be a red flag.

2.You have not met any of their friends: It could simply be a case that it is too early to meet their friends. However, if after a few dates they are comfortable having met some of your friends but there continue to be no social invites to hang out on their social scene then this could also be a red flag!

3.There are always excuses to not stay over: They have an early start at work, have to get up early to feed the dog or no overnight sitter are all good enough reasons to not stay over. However, when excuses are constant and possibly combined with Sign 1 either this person is not comfortable in getting serious or someone could be expecting them home.

4.They can’t plan outside set times of the week: Some people thrive on routine – others on spontaneity. A healthy relationship will have a balance of both.  If someone can only meet you at a set time of the week or if they are last minute in making arrangements with you this could mean that they are not free to be flexible in the time they spend with you.

5.They don’t seem interested in your life outside of the time you spend together: For a relationship to grow it needs investment in time, communication and interest. Are your conversations somewhat superficial and evolve around likes, interests and having fun? Is your time together focussed on sex, alcohol and escaping from life?  Do they avoid planning holidays, Valentine’s day or birthdays and seem to be really busy at these times? If yes then you could have a “situationship” on your hands.

bigstock 210220015Just as in Part 1 of this blog the potential red flags may not be cause for concern in isolation. However, if in either blog or both blogs combined, your situation raises more than 4 red flags then this is no longer just your gut feeling it is your intuition screaming for answers.  These flags at least raise concerns over their real interest in you or the potential that they are committed elsewhere.

So what do you do with this red flag information now it goes hand in hand with your gut intuition? Pop over to our blog  “Am I Dating A Liar” for some options and guidance on potential next steps.

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