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Short Consult

Many of the services provided by The Love Coach are proactive, scheduled and planned; however, life can come crashing in on us when we least expect it. Whether you are between sessions or are not a current client but need immediate professional advice from the The Love Coach team, we want to ensure that you can get helpful supportive assistance quickly and effectively.
Direct Support

What is a Short Consult?

Many of the services provided by The Love Coach are proactive, scheduled and planned. However, life can come crashing in on us when we least expect it. Whether you are between sessions or not a client of The Love Coach at all; if you need immediate professional advice from one of The Love Coach’s Therapist or Coaches, we want to enable you to connect and chat about what is happening right now.

For situations such as falling for someone you know you shouldn’t, finding a partner has cheated, a partner suddenly leaving, finding love outside your relationship, wanting to leave someone, a huge argument with a loved one, or any other issues that are hurting your heart and stealing your peace right now  just know that you can talk to an impartial source very quickly.

One of our trained Love Coaches will guide you to find the answers that are right for you, and allow you to hear that inner voice which so many of us are experts at ignoring. We will not impose our judgements on your situations. We will provide independent guidance or advice to help you to come to peace with a decision or situation that might be causing you pain.

If The Love Coach team feel that the issue is not something that can be resolved via the Email or Telephone options below then further suggestions on support will be made.


Minute Call


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Sessions Held With TJ Gibbs founder of The Love Coach.

Need to Talk?

Phone Session

30 Minute Call: £30

The Love Coach Telephone Short Consult puts you in contact with a coach or therapist at The Love Coach, to receive assistance via Skype, Messenger or Telephone for blocks of 30 minute conversation . This option is ideal for when you need to talk to someone professionally as soon as possible and in real time.

After purchase, you will fill in the “getting-started” form, leaving your contact details and an outline of the issue to match you with the right team member. Our goal is to enable you to express and process your pain, fear or decision-making processes in a way that is authentic to you. We don’t pass judgement or direction but instead help you reveal the real root of the pain or dilemma, and explore possible options going forward.

We will work together to help you through this time of uncertainty and help you consider possible routes for your future. If you know you will need more than 1 block of time or at any point you want to continue the conversation more, it’s a simple matter of buying another voucher

More Time To Think?

Email Session

3-email exchange: £18

The Love Coach Email Short Consult puts you in contact with a coach or therapist at The Love Coach to receive assistance via email.  This option is ideal if you prefer for it to be in writing so that you can respond when you have had time to digest any feedback given. After ordering, the “getting-started” form will let you provide us with the information needed to begin

This first email will allow you the ability to “dump” all your frustrations, questions and concerns, and “hear” yourself as you work through the issue.  One of the The Love Coach team will get back to you as soon as possible to begin your support process.  

This Short Consult will involve an exchange of 3 emails (3 from you, 3 from The Love Coach) and will aim to guide you towards answers and help you to clarify the best way forward for you. If you require further email support, you can simply purchase another voucher and continue.

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