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Many of the services provided by The Love Coach are proactive, scheduled and planned; however, life can come crashing in on us when we least expect it. Whether you are between sessions or are not a current client but need immediate professional advice from The Love Coach team, we want to ensure that you can get helpful supportive assistance quickly and effectively.

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For Situations such as falling for someone you know you shouldn’t, finding a partner has cheated, a partner suddenly leaving, finding love outside your relationship, wanting to leave someone, a huge argument with a loved one, or any other issues that are hurting your heart and stealing your peace right now just know that you can talk to an impartial source very quickly.

One of our trained Love Coaches will guide you to find the answers for you, and allow you to hear that inner voice which so many of us are experts at ignoring. We will not impose our judgements on your situations, but will provide any guidance or advice that might help you to come to peace with a decision or situation that might be causing you pain.

If The Love Coach team feel that the issue is not something that can be resolved via the Email or Telephone options below then further suggestions on support will be made.


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