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Love Therapy is a way for clients to work through their past hurt and heartache in love and relationships, to prepare them to better experience love in the future.

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In their initial contact with The Love Coach, clients reveal insights to their current unhappiness with statements such as:

  • “I know I am not over my ex”
  • “getting divorced has made me feel a failure in relationships”
  • “ I just constantly attract the wrong partners for me”
  • “I am not sure I can ever love again”, or
  • “I am tired of getting hurt”.

This insightful awareness to the root of their pain is often the beginning point of the client’s journey to healing. It is key, then, to assess how these issues are manifesting; both in the client’s day-to-day life and love life.  

Once the Wheels of Life and Love assessment has provided the clients current happiness ratings, the results are used in a Life & Love Session to look deeper and provide a personalised, extensive review of the 12 key areas that combine to bring peace and happiness. Following this, a therapist from The Love Coach can quickly analyse and recommend an individually tailored package, aimed at healing any pain, moving on from the past, and getting ready for love and happiness once more.

Love Therapy is one of the essential elements of the healing package and is a set of therapeutic interventions based on the cornerstones of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. This work is carried in person by The Love Coach therapist trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


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