Love Coaching enables clients to unravel, and truly understand the love choices from their past. The next step helps clients get ready to make different choices in the future that will lead to the love they desire

Helping Through Love

Love Coaching

60 Minute Session: from £80

We will all experience different stages of the love cycle which include falling in love, falling out of love and moving on, falling in love with someone else whilst still in a relationship, or your partner moving on unexpectedly – leaving you unprepared, alone and no longer ready for love.  For many, there comes a time of feeling sick and tired of either repeating the cycle or feeling like they are stuck and unable to move on to the next stage.  “Love Fatigue” can often result in feeling angry, bitter, hopeless or betrayed and lead to depression and heartache.

Once a client of The Love Coach has received their Life & Love Session with TJ they become aware of which part of the cycle they are in and which services could help them move toward the happiness that is waiting for them. If “Love Fatigue” has set in then Love Therapy may be recommended. Once Love Therapy has been completed, or indeed if not required, then Love Coaching can quickly and effectively shift that feeling of being stuck, allowing them to get ready for love again.

Having seen many clients of The Love Coach struggle with the same problems and situations, TJ has applied her skills as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner to develop a Love Coaching pathway for those seeking authentic and compatible love.

Love Coaching is delivered utilising the Get Ready For Love coaching programme, designed by TJ Gibbs – Founder of The Love Coach. The programme is designed to help clients prepare themselves emotionally and psychologically for love and get ready to meet their ideal partner.  This love changing programme is available via 1-2-1 Love Coaching sessions, Masterclasses and Retreats, and is also available in self-help formats including the book (Audio Modules, Kindle, Paperback)

TJ Gibbs

“If you want to know the truth about your relationship, prepare to ask the right questions.”

Founder, The Love Coach

Where To Start?

  • Get Ready For Love

    The Book from TJ Gibbs

    Get started on your Love Coaching immediately with the Get Ready For Love  book or online course.  Carefully designed by TJ Gibbs, founder of The Love Coach, this coaching programme will guide your way back to love, peace and happiness.

    Buy the Book or Online Course now, alternatively – book in with an event, seminar or workshop.  For those looking for a little more support, the One to One coaching can be invaluable.

  • Life & Love Assessment

    The Quiz from The Love Coach
    Act now by taking the free Wheels of Live & Love assessment. Curated by TJ Gibbs, this test will enable you to find out if you are really ready for love and then direct you any help you might need.
  • Immediate Help

    Short Consult Options
    For the times when you just need someone to talk things through with, to hear impartial advice and get an outsiders non-judgemental support, there’s the Quick Consult. Whilst popular for The Love Coach clients between sessions, it’s often used by non-clients in desperate or urgent situations to help you think through your preferred course of action.
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