Are You Ready For Love?

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This afternoon seminar based on the Get Ready For Love coaching programme gives you the tools to not only understand whether you’re ready for love, but how to find the love that’s right for you.

Finding love doesn’t need to be a series of bad dates and leaps in the dark.  The Are You Ready For Love event is a practical and insightful seminar, designed to put you back in the driving seat of your own love life.  Lead by founder of The Love Coach, love therapist TJ Gibbs, the session utilises key components of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, including:

    • An assessment on your life and love
    • Discovery of key areas of concern in your life and relationships
    • Finding out if you’re ready for love, or if you have other steps to make first
    • Exercises to help you understand the practical ways you give and receive love, to know who you’re seeking
    • An understanding of what to do next
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The event takes place at the beautiful High Elms Manor in Watford and welcomes both men and women of all ages.  Three ticket types are available for this afternoon seminar – the early bird, standard and premium.  The latter features a one-to-one Life & Love Reading by phone (usually £45) with TJ Gibbs after the event – helping you with your Wheels of Life and Love assessment, and guiding you to your next step, utilising all that you learned at the seminar.

This love changing seminar will help you to discover a new approach to love, a new direction in relationships, and an understanding of what areas need to be focused on to attract happiness and love into your life.
          TJ Gibbs

TJ smlTJ Gibbs is the founder of The Love Coach, qualified love coach, therapist and life coach. Using her skills of cognitive hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and experience love coaching she developed the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme.  This event is the starting point of the programme, and the best way to get the most out of love – whether you use this event as a jumping off point to prepare yourself for love, a precursor to the Get Ready For Love book or online course, or intend to continue onto the other events; such as Soul Mate Profiling and other course workshops.

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