Am I Being Manipulated?

Is there someone in your life who is trying to negatively influence your emotions or perception without you realising?In the 1940’s Ingrid Bergman classic, Gaslight, a young woman unknowingly falls victim to the insidious mind games perpetrated by her own husband in an attempt to steal her inheritance by having her sectioned. Whilst this represents...

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Retreats for one: how a solo-break could change your perspective

Taking a break alone is a daunting concept for many of the people I speak with. The idea of solitude in a foreign environment often stop them from experiencing what can be a very therapeutic and rewarding step in the journey to self-love and mindfulness. It’s normal to crave some distance; a change of scenery and a break from home life, work...

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Looking For Love With an STD

A Guest Blog Like many millions of people around the world, I am looking for love. Like many, I have suffered the breakdown of a marriage and raising a child to find myself in my mid-thirties back out on the dating scene again. And let me tell you A LOT has changed in the last 15 years… least of all the fact I now have something about me that adds...

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