Soul Readings

A Soul Reading is an intuitive exploration of your current situation with life and love.  Using results from the Wheels of Life and Love assessment, The founder of The Love Coach, TJ Gibbs, will work with you to explore where you are emotionally and in life, how you got there and where you want to be.  As the name suggests, there’s...

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Love Therapy

In their initial contact with The Love Coach, clients reveal insights to their current unhappiness with statements such as “I know I am not over my ex” “getting divorced has made me feel a failure in relationships” “ I just constantly attract the wrong partners for me” “I am not sure I can ever love again”, or “I am tired of getting hurt”. This...

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a mentoring service to support those who need assistance moving on in life .  This coaching service helps clients create targets and goals and then make plans to move towards them.  Life Coaching works towards life purpose whether in love, family or with a personal overhaul.

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Love Coaching

As love is a collection of ‘e-motions’, it is, therefore, subject to movement. We can all experience different stages of the love cycle which include falling in love, falling out of love and moving on, falling in love with someone else whilst still in a relationship, or your partner moving on unexpectedly – leaving you unprepared, alone and...

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Quick Consult

Many of the services provided by The Love Coach are proactive, scheduled and planned. However, life can come crashing in on us when we least expect it. Whether you are between sessions or not a client of The Love Coach at all;  if you need immediate professional advice from one of The Love Coach’s Therapist or Coaches, we...

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