Xmas Singles Pity Party

Being Single can be a daunting and overwhelming experience , especially if you have been used to being in a long term relationship. Whether you have chosen to be single..taking a sabbatical from the roller coaster of love and lust ..or the single title has been bestowed upon you with little option via cries of “its not you its me”, or...

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What is Love?

According to Google “What is love” was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012. So what is this Love that we search for in earnest ..does it mean the same thing to everyone or do people “do” love differently? How do we know if indeed it is Love or is it possible its just Lust?

agape, Eros, Lust, obsession, pragma, relationship growth, sexual addiction, Storge, What is Love, why does he not love me like i love him

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Whose Voice Is In Your Head?

black woman thinking
You may have heard of limiting beliefs …these are subconscious thought processes that stop us doing something you might want to do by illiciting emotions in you that affect your decisions……these beliefs often make themselves known as a little voice in our head that we try to swat away like a fly and can literally frustrate you as to why...

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I Am Hurting – Who Can Help?

woman in therapy
When we are hurting our first point of call is usually to reach out to our nearest and dearest…but where do you go for help if the pain is caused by the person you are closest to. Of course it’s then natural to reach out to a friend but what if you are just not ready for others to know?

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My Biggest ASSet

I have been working too hard and its now time to grab me some fun.  Now I am no social butterfly but I do love a boogie and to strut my stuff.  Hmm time to “doll” myself up, slap on some war paint and hit that dance floor.  Tonight is the night to flirt, get my sexy back and remember I am a EVERY woman as Chaka Khan tells us

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