Become A Human Being

  Life has a momentum that seems to change….. so randomly at willSometimes it feels so hectic …… other times so stillI struggle to appreciate my blessings…. when times are good or badAlways thinking of what used to be….. or what I could have had 

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Is My Partner Cheating?

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The statistics of a recent poll on Infidelity carried out by and Onepoll, show that 18.3% of women and 25.4% of men have cheated on their current partner at least once and show that cheating is no longer just the domain of men.  With the fact that more women are in the workplace than ever before and with the rise in online...

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Are you “In Love” – With Yourself?

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Are you “In Love” – With Yourself? Excerpt from “Get Ready For Love” by TJ Gibbs – The Love Coach – available on Amazon January 2015 Something I frequently witness in women is a tendency to love others more than we love ourselves. We are often entrained to give all our love to the men and children in our lives, before we give it to ourselves.

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