Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are sweeping where’er I may go
They whisper words of weeping to know what I need to know
The feeling is of sadness to my very core
That everything is not as I would want       But why ….I’m just not sure

My Soul is saying  “listen” to the message I have for you
Wait patiently my Sistren re something you thought you knew
A message will be arriving to take away your pain
To allow you to start thriving and become stronger once again

All I can do is wait for The Wind Of Change to blow
To find out if my fate depends on that which I should know
Right now my heart is aching from the confusion and hurt it feels
But my Soul has not forsaken its getting me ready to heal

I know that I must be patient for The Wind Of Change to blow
But when will the message arrive ? ..I simply need to  know!
The whisper gently answers “when you are ready to receive
And its news will be life changing…you will no longer grieve”

And so I await with anticipation…the gentle wind of change
Come blow your whispers upon me and help me rearrange
This pain hurt and confusion into something that I know
Will help me leave the sadness behind and guide me as I grow

© TJ Gibbs

TJ Gibbs

TJ Gibbs

Articles that TJ writes for The Love Coach cover all steps in the cycle of love and include tips and advice for many dating or relationship issues. Her experience as a Love Therapist, Love Coach and Life Coach bring a real-life approach to everyday situations Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself! TJ x

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