Become A Human Being


Life has a momentum that seems to change….. so randomly at will
Sometimes it feels so hectic …… other times so still
I struggle to appreciate my blessings…. when times are good or bad
Always thinking of what used to be….. or what I could have had 


I struggle ..and I know you do…I know its not just me…
To accept that things are as they are…. that I am where I am supposed to be
Should I be doing more and more … get where I think I should
Or Should I just rest in the peace …..that I have done the best I could

Am I enough? Do I need To Change? Could I be better than I am ?
Have I given enough, loved enough….. and do I have a plan
To become that which I feel I ought to be……. for myself and for others
So much angst I give myself …I think I should recover

From the pressure, expectations….  the guilt upon my shoulders
To be better, richer, slimmer,  prettier……. more outgoing and bolder
I owe myself the time, the space…. and the love I should be receiving
Its time to stop the Human Doing ……and become a Human Being

© TJ The Love Coach 2015

TJ Gibbs

TJ Gibbs

Articles that TJ writes for The Love Coach cover all steps in the cycle of love and include tips and advice for many dating or relationship issues. Her experience as a Love Therapist, Love Coach and Life Coach bring a real-life approach to everyday situations Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself! TJ x

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