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Life As a 50 Plus Fittie!!

As a teenager, 50-year-olds were those comfortable humans who wore slippers, drank copious amounts of tea, might smoke a pipe or knit lovely scarfs and took the dog for a walk twice a day! Having now entered the 50+ culture the above is a mere whiff of what this generation gets up to! For many […]

Life After Dating – Post-Divorce or Widowhood

If you are finding yourself a divorcee or widower in later life the question of remaining alone for your future years may well have crossed your mind and those of others around you who may want you to move on and find happiness again.Both divorce and death mean not just grieving the loss of a […]

Is An Affair The End?

With accusations and admissions of cheating an everyday media headline you may be forgiven in thinking that the majority of relationships encounter infidelity. What % of people do you think cheat on their partners – 50%? 65%?  Are women just as likely to cheat on their partners as men? It might surprise you to know […]
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19 Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

| TJ Gibbs | , | Leave a Comment
Happy relationship – it’s the holy grail, right? It’s no secret that relationships are hard work! It takes time, commitment and a lot of patience to build a happy and healthy partnership. When it comes to relationships, we spend a lot of time focusing on the big things — but often it is the small […]

Try these 8 Tips to Enhance your Long-Distance Relationship!

| TJ Gibbs |
Long-distance relationships are hard! There is no simple path to maintaining a long-distance relationship, either. They need care and attention like any other relationship, but there’s that extra layer of special care that needs adding when distance is involved. With that in mind, try these 8 techniques to keep things going well: 1. Establish Guidelines […]
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So Christmas (I am going to shorten this to Xmas although some hate that!) has rolled round again in a blink of an eye.  If, like me, you have been watching “I am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” this year were you one of those surprised by the Dingo Dollar answer that the […]


Our affirmations are a great self-empowerment tool.  Thought becomes actions – voicing thought makes it real.  Read though an affirmation, on your own or in front of a mirror, and improve your positivity/purpose.

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I reach my relationship goals easily and quickly.

| TJ Gibbs
Relationships are important to me and bring me a lot of joy. Having good relationships is something I focus on because I want to continually build a strong foundation based on love, truth, and respect.

I accept responsibility for my relationships.

| TJ Gibbs
I understand the role I play in a relationship. It takes two people to make a relationship work – or not – and I am one of them. When times are good in my relationships, I feel proud of my accomplishment. When times are strained, instead of making excuses, I take ownership of my errors. […]

Listening to others enriches my relationships.

| TJ Gibbs
All of the relationships in my life have meaning to me. How I act can influence the course of my relationships and I can control my actions. I provide value in my relationships by listening to others and this deepens the connection. Whenever possible, I pay attention to others when they speak, truly listening to […]

It is a lovely feeling to be in love.

| TJ Gibbs
My heart sings when I think of the special person who makes me smile. It is a lovely feeling to share love with someone who I consider my soul mate. Being committed to a special person makes life meaningful. Knowing that I have someone to share my deepest secrets with is freeing. I am my […]

Each and every day, I make the person I love, feel extra special.

| TJ Gibbs
When I am around my loved one, I always ensure that I let them know by my words and actions that I love them and that they are the most important person in my life. I love to do things for them. I make them a special meal or arrange a pleasant surprise. I might […]
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My love for my partner is honest and strong.

| TJ Gibbs
As I reflect each day on how my day has progressed, my eyes turn to my partner. He is always there for me. I understand him. He understands me. What exists between us feels like home: comfortable and safe. My love for my partner is honest and strong. Even though life sometimes brings trying times, […]

Love Reflections

Love reflections are more assertive than affirmations, but they’re also deeper.  Go through a process of  questions, giving time and thought to these, gives real results.

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What Are Your Relationship Patterns

| TJ Gibbs
It’s not easy to know where the issues in a relationship originate. There are two sides to every story – of course, that doesn’t mean the two sides are equal! This Love Exercise is designed to help you identify if there’s an element of self-sabotage involved. There’s no point scoring, no big reveal or answers page. This is a self-reflection exercise to help you find some clarity
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The Little Things

| TJ Gibbs
Author of “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” and researcher John Gottman believes that couples who make it encounter 5-20 more positive interactions than negative ones. His research shows, that by stacking up the little things, the couples find happiness with each other.
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Returning Joy to Your Marriage

| TJ Gibbs
Marriage is often considered a happily ever after – but we know in reality it isn’t that simple. Blindly running forward as though the happily ever after comes together when you need it can lead to heartache and disillusionment. So how do we get the love back? One way to return the joy to love is by remembering what we loved about them to begin with.
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Managing Your Dating Stress

| TJ Gibbs
Dating can be a mass of nerves! Whilst you’re going through the steps of dating, it’s important to have good coping skills. Explore those skills below and if you like, we can book a session to explore them further.

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