Author: TJ Gibbs

Articles that TJ writes for The Love Coach cover all steps in the cycle of love and include tips and advice for many dating or relationship issues. Her experience as a Love Therapist, Love Coach and Life Coach bring a real-life approach to everyday situations Remember life is for loving – that includes yourself! TJ x

Life As a 50 Plus Fittie!!

As a teenager, 50-year-olds were those comfortable humans who wore slippers, drank copious amounts of tea, might smoke a pipe or knit lovely scarfs and took the dog for a walk twice a day! Having now entered the 50+ culture the above is a mere whiff of what this generation gets up to! For many 50 is the time you start to grow older “disgracefully”....

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Life After Dating – Post-Divorce or Widowhood

If you are finding yourself a divorcee or widower in later life the question of remaining alone for your future years may well have crossed your mind and those of others around you who may want you to move on and find happiness again.Both divorce and death mean not just grieving the loss of a loved one as you would a friend or a parent, but also...

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Is An Affair The End?

With accusations and admissions of cheating an everyday media headline you may be forgiven in thinking that the majority of relationships encounter infidelity. What % of people do you think cheat on their partners – 50%? 65%?  Are women just as likely to cheat on their partners as men? It might surprise you to know that having reviewed...

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19 Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Happy relationship – it’s the holy grail, right? It’s no secret that relationships are hard work! It takes time, commitment and a lot of patience to build a happy and healthy partnership. When it comes to relationships, we spend a lot of time focusing on the big things — but often it is the small gestures and habits that make all the...

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Try these 8 Tips to Enhance your Long-Distance Relationship!

Long-distance relationships are hard! There is no simple path to maintaining a long-distance relationship, either. They need care and attention like any other relationship, but there’s that extra layer of special care that needs adding when distance is involved. With that in mind, try these 8 techniques to keep things going well: 1....

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So Christmas (I am going to shorten this to Xmas although some hate that!) has rolled round again in a blink of an eye.  If, like me, you have been watching “I am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” this year were you one of those surprised by the Dingo Dollar answer that the % for those voting Xmas as the best time of the year was...

Alone at Christmas, Divorced at Christmas, Sad at Xmas, Single at Xmas

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Retreats for one: how a solo-break could change your perspective

Taking a break alone is a daunting concept for many of the people I speak with. The idea of solitude in a foreign environment often stop them from experiencing what can be a very therapeutic and rewarding step in the journey to self-love and mindfulness. It’s normal to crave some distance; a change of scenery and a break from home life, work...

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Self Love This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day, my message is one so often overlooked by those who need it most.  It is simple to pay lip service to but difficult to achieve.  Unbelievably personal yet will only manifest or grow when explored more openly and in depth.  My message relates to the recapturing of Self-Love. You may have heard me discuss self-love...

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The Single Valentine

Although Valentine’s day is traditionally a day for lovers to celebrate each other there is a growing trend of singleton’s investing in self-love on Valentine day’s.  Last year two-thirds of women planned to celebrate Valentine’s even if they didn’t have a partner in their lives. Men have often been so busy thinking about pleasing someone else...

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