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Thank you for joining us at The Love Coach. Founded by pioneering Love Coach & Therapist TJ Gibbs, and home of the revolutionary Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme.


The Love Coach was founded by TJ Gibbs in 2013 to provide Love Therapy and Coaching, helping people move on from painful past issues related to love, identify what they need for peace and happiness in their lives, and equip them to give and receive love again.   TJ’s background as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner ensures that all The Love Coach services are tailored to meet a client’s specific needs. Professional analysis and review of the client’s unique model of the world is initially carried out; thus allowing The Love Coach therapists and coaches to provide support and healing in the best way a client can receive it.  

The Love Coach is the home of the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme, an innovative and pioneering personal discovery programme, authored by TJ, which gets the client in touch with the truth about their love & life.  The programme provides a clear understanding of how and why they may love the way they have done so far whilst providing tools for reshaping what is really needed for peace, love and happiness going forward.  

For many, making sense of where they are at with life and love right now and understanding why they have arrived there is fundamental to working out where  they want to go. Clients will benchmark their initial Life and Love Happiness Ratings and as their sessions progress, The Love Coach will track growth and improvement enabling the client to identify how far they have travelled on the road to peace and happiness

  • TJ Gibbs

    about TJ Gibbs

    founder of The Love Coach

  • Early Life

    Tina-Jayne Gibbs, known by most as TJ, grew up in the west country.  As a result of her father’s promotion to a job in London she found herself joining the ranks of a London secondary school at the awkward age of 13. With groups already formed and friendships made she was thrust into the unknown. Accompanied by a strong west country accent; she promptly experienced  the angst and heartache of a teenager that stood out as different.

    Needless to say, school life was to set the scene for many a struggle to fit in, ultimately leading to her standing out from the crowd. The learning and strength that many of those who suffer from bullying at school seem to gain as part of the journey led TJ to ultimately pursue her goals without fearing the disapproval of others

  • Working Life

    Having left home at an early age, hard work was a survival skill rather than an option. At 16 TJ was earning £38 per week, paying £35 rent per week, limiting her options to wearing a coat to bed and putting 50p in the meter for the TV vs heating. She recalls working 3 jobs, the DHSS during the day, a barmaid at night and “personality girl” for a retail chain on Saturdays (promoting store credit cards) in order to ensure that this teenagers bills got paid.

    Looking back TJ identified herself as being an employer’s potential worse nightmare as she was a strategist who liked to do things her way . As a result, she started working as a temp/contractor, never again working full time for anyone else after the age of 21. TJ found that she had an aptitude for computers and for helping others learn how to use them, so set about carving herself a career in the unknown arena that became IT.  This would become a key marker in her life - just as she thrived in the emerging IT market of the 1980's, TJ's future would see her most comfortable in pioneering fields to help other people. 

    Working as a woman in the male-dominated Information Technology industry was just another example of TJ standing out.  After rising through the ranks, TJ’s 25 year career as an I.T. consultant and company director boasted an impressive client portfolio across many industries, including Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Communications and Leisure. Her expertise took her to deliver projects in the UK, across Europe and into America. 

    TJ was a child of the “Thatcher years” where she feels women were told it was no longer good enough to simply settle for life as a stay at home mum.  Rather women had to get out and compete with men, equal rights and equal pay etc. In following this path, TJ found the competition may have suited her pocket but failed to fulfill her need for purpose in work that her soul yearned for.

  • Darker Days

    The child of a brilliant minded yet dysfunctional alcoholic father, TJ was predisposed to thrive on the stress of such a  demanding career and for a while managed to balance that life with that of a wife and step mother also. However the death of both her best friend and her father, alongside a car accident which affected her physical health, defined her 21st year and planted seeds of instability. TJ avoided dealing with the heartache and other love related pains by throwing herself into her career. This avoidance and the inheritance of her father’s workaholic lifestyle produced foundations of thin ice, which would later prove to shatter the life she had built.

    Just like every woman, TJ had her share of personal pain in relationships. However at the age of 30 she believed her “happily ever after” had been granted and married the man she adored. She had it all; a loving husband, a beautiful home, a healthy bank balance, great friends, and a job that took her around the world. Like many who appear to have it all, there were cracks in the foundations that had never been dealt with. Her husband’s infidelity alongside falling ill sent TJ's life into a downward spiral of self-destruction. This devastating journey culminated in the "Dark Night Of Her Soul" as she poignantly phrases it in her book Get Ready For Love. The subsequent time institutionalised, being assessed for mental health issues before being diagnosed as just being “extremely sad” were the culmination of years of avoidance.  Those painful issues ultimately seeped through the cracks.

    This rock bottom was the springboard for TJ the woman, not the IT Consultant, to emerge.  With that emergence came purpose and an understanding behind reasons for her struggles. As a result of her healing journey, the Get Ready For Love Programme was developed. TJ initially developed the programme to help her identify to herself why she chose the men she did and why she had the outcomes she had in love. To do this, TJ retreated to the Carribean - living there helped her rebuild herself, recover her health and re-discover her passion and joy for life. Alongside help from what she calls a “Cognitive Hypnotherapy Angel”, her subsequent healing journey commenced. TJ felt so strongly about the benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy that on returning from living in the Caribbean, she trained and qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

  • With TLC

    TJ’s journey to rock bottom reconnected her to her spiritual side and the search for her true life’s purpose began, no longer content to just have a career that only served her financially.  It wasn’t long before that need to stand out re-appeared and TJ knew that her I.T. career was nearly over. Through her own innovating "Passion and Possibilities" test she discovered she wanted to become a “Love Coach”.

    Her skills as a trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner meant she could fulfil her desire for purpose, through her passion for helping others - specifically in helping others recover from pain relating to love and relationships.  Hence, The Love Coach was founded by TJ in 2013.

    She started out coaching friends and colleagues on relationships and love and compiled numerous tests, research methods and quizzes to help understand themselves and how they “do” love.

    Word soon spread and the demand for TJ’s assistance increased outside of her known circles.  TJ was adamant that she wanted to help as many people as possible and so developed the love changing Get Ready For Love coaching programme that had come from her own journey of healing heartache. As demand grew TJ developed a network of trusted advisors to help her spread her programme and healing messages and was encouraged to extend her work to a mass audience by writing her book “Get Ready For Love” which is now available worldwide.

    The Get Ready For Love programme has gone on to be developed as an online course and is also available via workshops, seminars, weekends and retreats. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the root of her key work as a Love Therapist. Her hallmark Life & Love Readings, have been fundamental to her helping clients shake their foundations, eliminate the cracks, heal the past and move forward ensuring they fall back in love with themselves before they seek love from others.

  • Going Forward

    TJ continues to explore her personal journey via The Love Coach and is looking forward to taking on more writing, radio and tv work with a view to delivering her healing message across all mediums. Her inspirational speaking and blog allow her to speak from the heart and encourage both women and men to "Soul Search" for who they really need as a mate.

    Her latest journey into helping men heal from emotional pain is an exciting one that she relishes.  She is also passionate about her plans for The Love Coach retreats and the expansion of The Love Coach team of professional Love Coaches and Love Therapists.

    TJ knows that just like her there are many people out there who are no longer happy in a "live to work" lifestyle, instead wanting work to be just a part of their overall work-life balance. Sharing life with someone is as big a part of success and happiness for many as financial rewards and those subsequent material offerings. She warns that finding a Soul Mate to help that work-life balance needs some work itself, as does giving and maintaining self-love.

    “I am profoundly lucky to be able to live in purpose and I am grateful for each and every struggle and learning event that has led me to be able to help others let go of the past and find the future happiness that they deserve.” - TJ Gibbs

Press & Media

Below are a few of the times The Love Coach has been mentioned in the press and media.  We've tried to restrict this to print, radio and tv.

  • The W Review

    The W Review

    In March of 2015, Claire Culley of The W Review, interviewed TJ about Self-Love

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  • Living | Janey Lee Grace

    Living | Janey Lee Grace

    Janey Lee Grace - Author, Presenter & Personality, featured TJ's book in an article of February 2015 

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  • Marie Claire

    Marie Claire

    TJ was quoted and featured in http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/ in May of 2015, based on her expereince on the subject of the Princess Complex

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  • Hertfordshire Life

    Hertfordshire Life

    Janey Lee Grace referenced TJ's work and book, "Get Ready For Love" in an article for Hertfordshire Life Magazine in 2015

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  • High 50

    High 50

    TJ's work was featured and quoted in Four Ways to Love Yourself More, And Why It’s The Key To Having More Fulfilling Relationships in February of 2015. 

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  • The Sticks

    The Sticks

    The Sticks Magazine featured an Article by Janey Lee Grace in February 2015

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  • Natural Health Magazine

    Natural Health Magazine

    Here is TJ's work and book, quoted in Natural Health Magazine

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  • Health Triangle

    Health Triangle

    Health Triangle featured TJ in a double spread by Janey Lee Grace

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