My love for my partner is honest and strong.

Published on
October 7, 2020
TJ Gibbs

As I reflect each day on how my day has progressed, my eyes turn to my partner. He is always there for me. I understand him. He understands me. What exists between us feels like home: comfortable and safe. My love for my partner is honest and strong.

Even though life sometimes brings trying times, my partner and I stand firm together. I make it a point to see him through his tough times.

Whether he has changes at work, health struggles he must deal with, or frustration with a goal he has set, I am there to provide my partner with whatever support he needs.

Sometimes, all he requires is a listening ear to hear his commiserations. Other times, he needs a strong shoulder to lean on. I encourage my partner to tell me what he needs when he flounders. The love I have for him is genuine and can stand up to any storm.

I believe that truly loving my partner means I am open with my thoughts and feelings. When my partner asks my opinion about something, I honestly tell him. I seek him out when I require a good listener or need support. Because I sense his feelings of genuine care for me, my love for him is strengthened. I know I can be honest with him.

Today, I am confident about my relationship with my partner. I know I can confide in him about anything. Our times spent together strengthen my love for him.

Want your affirmation to stick?

Ask yourself these questions…

Question One
Can I be completely honest with my partner about everything and suffer no repercussions in the relationship?
Question Two
Do I consider my love for my partner as honest and strong? If not, why not?
Question Two
What will I do to strengthen the love and honesty in my relationship?
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