I reach my relationship goals easily and quickly.

Published on
November 18, 2020
TJ Gibbs

Relationships are important to me and bring me a lot of joy. Having good relationships is something I focus on because I want to continually build a strong foundation based on love, truth, and respect.

My pursuit of meaningful relationships is enjoyable. Every time I reach a goal, I reward myself and choose another one to work on. Realizing small goals in my relationships gets me closer to the completion of bigger goals.

Even though every relationship is different, each relationship I have is worth cultivating. The people in my life are very important to me and I want to keep them around.

Keeping those I love happy is one of my top relationship goals. I try to please the people I love as well as myself. In fact, making those I care about happy makes me joyful as well!

I love learning ways to make my relationships better. I look for those ways because I know I have the ability to make a difference. Between the self-development aisle in the bookstore and self-help websites and forums online, I find new ideas for me to strengthen my relationships abound.

I reach my relationship goals because I choose to make them a priority. They are worth the effort.

Today, I plan to evaluate my relationships and formulate new goals to make my relationships with my loved ones even stronger.

Want your affirmation to stick?

Ask yourself these questions…

Question One
What are my relationship goals?
Question Two
What can I do to ensure I reach them?
Question Two
What is the best way for me to continue to improve my relationships with others?
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