I accept responsibility for my relationships.

Published on
November 11, 2020
TJ Gibbs

I understand the role I play in a relationship. It takes two people to make a relationship work – or not – and I am one of them. When times are good in my relationships, I feel proud of my accomplishment. When times are strained, instead of making excuses, I take ownership of my errors.

I take responsibility for my mistakes and use the opportunity to learn. I appreciate the chance to grow and make different decisions. I use my errors to learn how to change and transform my life for the better.

How I respond to my partner’s words or actions is important.

Although I accept responsibility for my relationship mishaps, I also realise that some errors are my partner’s. In such situations, I avoid absorbing their blame or guilt, or even playing the blame game at all. Instead, I seek a positive solution to the void between us, so we can move forward with renewed love and respect for each other.

I understand the role my thoughts and feelings play in my relationships. Positivity always leads to positive results, so I practice maintaining a positive mindset.

I recognise the role my choices play in a relationship. I see how they affect both of us and how they can hurt or help.

Today, my focus is on strengthening my relationships. When I make a mistake, I do what I can to make amends, learn from it, and move forward toward a brighter future.

Want your affirmation to stick?

Ask yourself these questions…

Question One
How can I take responsibility for my relationships?
Question Two
What can I do to avoid repeating the same mistakes again?
Question Two
How do I respond when my partner makes a mistake?
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