Genuine love comes to me effortlessly.

Published on
September 23, 2020
TJ Gibbs

My heart is full of love.

Effortlessly, I can show others my affection for them. And my natural warmth is returned in kind by those around me. I am grateful for how easily all of this goodness comes to me.

Because I know that the universe showers me with love at every possible opportunity, I keep my eyes open for all the ways in which this manifests. My partner may put their hand gently on my shoulder, a friend may listen with deep compassion, or my children may give me a hug that just sings with love.

Love comes in unexpected ways, too.

I may be without a partner for some time when someone I have already met shows up again in my life, brimming with genuine love and ready to share that with me. Or I may face a challenging situation in a relationship, and watch that person come through for me in a way I could never have predicted.

These showings of affection and kindness flow effortlessly outward from me, too. I trust that I have the right words to bring comfort to a friend in need or to show my love to my partner. And I know that these words and gestures are authentically “me.”

By being loving, I know that I am being genuine, since I believe that love is the core of all of us.

Today, I am deeply grateful for how effortlessly genuine love comes to me. Every action I take is born from my essentially kind nature. And I am in awe each day by the genuine love that is returned to me by others.

Want your affirmation to stick?

Ask yourself these questions…

Question One
How does my family show their love to me?
Question Two
How do my friends show me affection and kindness?
Question Two
Is there someone in my life who would benefit from an intentional outpouring of my love for them?
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