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Wheels of Life & Love

The Wheels of Life and Love are the starting point of working with The Love Coach. The wheels provide an initial personal assessment and inventory of a client’s current happiness ratings with life and love. Developed by The Love Coach Founder, TJ Gibbs, this service is also utilised to measure the ongoing progress of clients throughout their coaching or therapy.

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The Myseemei Experience

Take part in an eye-opening hypnotic experience that will change the way you make decisions in your life and love forever.
Get ready to take control back over who decides what in your life
Say goodbye to self-sabotage, conflicting decisions and poor love choices

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Life & Love Session

A Life & Love Session is the initial starting point for any clients at The Love Coach. Using results from the Wheels of Life and Love Assessment, our love therapist will work with you to explore your life and love situation and benchmark your current happiness ratings. You will receive feedback on the key areas that require focus and attention and discuss a suggested plan of action for achieving an increase in your scores


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