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Helping you with love & relationships

The Love Coach Ltd

Helping you with love & relationships

Life & Love Session

A Life & Love Session is the initial starting point for any clients at The Love Coach. Using results from the Wheels of Life and Love Assessment, our love therapist will work with you to explore your life and love situation and benchmark your current happiness ratings. You will receive feedback on the key areas that require focus and attention and discuss a suggested plan of action for achieving an increase in your scores

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from TJ Gibbs
From today (Valentine’s 2019), you’re also able to buy our Self-Love Inventory Pack, a new tool that would usually only be available within a course or TLC event which I’m now offering to all those who want to take back control of love in their lives. With this pack, you will receive a printed whiteboard-poster (erasable), featuring a 14-question assessment for you to review your self-love position, with spaces to track your previous and future target self-love scores
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We all need love in our lives. That is an undeniable fact. But life does not come with an instruction manual that gives you a defined formula for finding the right person. And it is left to us to bumble about to try and do our best for our love lives. This means that often we find ourselves running round and round in circles and meeting dead ends in our quest for love, which eventually crumbles our spirit. It is essential that we have an objective view of our love life and an in-depth understanding of ourselves and the people we attract in order to find a soulmate and create a fulfilling, lasting relationship.



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